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Trader Joe's staples for healthy eating.

Why I love shopping at Trader Joe's.

Growing up in California my parents loved Trader Joe's and talked about it all the time. Great food, for a cheap price. In the land of Whole Foods, that seemed impossible. Needless to say when Austin finally got Trader Joe's I was shocked and excited. I heard about it this place forever and when I would visit my best friend in Venice Beach, we'd always manage to make a trip there. What I didn't realize was how many healthy options they have, great foods for strict diets like paleo, GF, or Whole 30.

Sometimes we need quick fixes, not time intensive meals.

So often I feel like when we think of healthy we think we have to make something, and it's usually elaborate. For me since I never really knew how to cook healthy every time I'd find a recipe it was so labor intensive, and time consuming that I'd end up throwing in the towel, or just not cooking again for several days because it took everything out of me. To me it's just not always relastic to cook every night and I need frozen options that taste good. These turkey and chicken burgers are seasoned so well, and they only take a matter of minutes on the stove. A win, win especially on those nights that I'm single mommin' it.

I use to find pre-cut things to be such a waste of money. I'd think how hard is it to cut cup mushrooms, well some days it just is. Kids have activities, or you've had activities all day long. Trader Joe's has so many things that are pre-cut for reasonable prices. I love their sliced mushrooms, cut up butternut squash, and sweet potato noodles. Their fruit is always great too. My kids love the three in 1 grapes with red, black and green. Variety is the spice of life.

Kids eat your veggies!

We all know how hard it is to get your kids to eat vegetables. My kids used to be much healthier eaters, but as they have gotten older it has been more of a struggle. They don't always want them, or they'd rather eat their body weight in fruit. Trader Joe's Spinach and Kale bites are a MUST. Not only do my kids love them, but Mark and I love them too. Yes there is a little flour in them which isn't ideal, but getting your kids to eat their greens is worth it. There are other great options for snacks too. They're pretzel slims are great if you're child is younger because they don't present a choking hazard. Cranberries, raspberries, nuts, slivered almonds, you name it every healthy snack out there.

Special Diet Options.

I know there are plenty of people that have chosen to do a special diet, whether for health reasons, to stay lean or food allergies. You'd be amazed how many options Trader Joe's has. From vegan cream cheese to gluten free buttercream cupcakes (not exactly healthy, but they are good), there are options for everyone. One of my favorites is the pasta options. There are so many to choose from.

Trader Joe's for the win.

I definitely give Trader Joe's a thumbs up, not just for their amazing options of healthy foods, but their customer service and pride in what they do. You can pretty much ask anyone about any product and they can tell you when they'll get it, if it's been discontinued or they'll order it for you. We couldn't live without our weekly Trader Joe's runs between the great choices for my kids and lots of healthy options for us, the whole family is happy and it didn't cost us a fortune. (And no this is not a sponsored ad, I truly just love Trader Joe's.)

What are some of your favorite foods at Trader Joe's? I'm always looking for more ideas.

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