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Hope & Laughter

Navigating mental health through the lens of a Christian worldview

Hope & Laughter is a nonprofit organization born out of a gap in overall mental health care for believers. The world has sought to educate and provide answers to those struggling. Unfortunately, their answers are devoid of real hope and the recognition of God and answers outside of ourselves. Equipping people with resources and connecting with other believers with the same struggles will lead to healing, renewal, and ultimately reconciling with mental and emotional health struggles.

Chatting Over Coffee

Faith-based tools
and education for
those struggling
with mental health.

Our desire


Connect believers who struggle with mental health to a safe environment founded upon a Christian worldview.


Provide a faith-based hotline for those struggling with mental health and suicidal thoughts in their time of need


Develop tools to help combat mental health with programs and curricula founded upon a Christian worldview


Educate and support those struggling with mental health as well as their support systems.

"To educate, equip, and empower those who are struggling with mental health as well as the people that walk alongside them with resources founded upon a Christian worldview."

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